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a fun new world of learning 

Maria Yiangou

Writing and illustrating children's books that help kids learn, relate and understand the world around them through basic learning fundamentals. Book topics include the alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers, animals, first words and a variety of educational stories and nursery rhymes. The colorful illustrations, simple text and adorable characters make our books exciting, interesting and easy to follow. Discover a fun new world of early learning. Allow your child to explore, learn and develop.


The monster that ate the ALPHABET Kindle Books

The monster that ate the ALPHABET

Discover familiar and exotic fruit and vegetables while learning the alphabet. This book is filled with fun rhymes, colorful illustrations and of course the adorable purple monster!

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My shapes book kindle book

My shapes book

Learn 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes through fun shape characters. See examples of everyday objects that reflect the shapes.

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My alphabet book Kindle book

My alphabet book

Introduce your children to the alphabet and basic words. Words starting from A to Z are represented through fun and colorful illustrations.

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Numbers & Counting Kindle book

Numbers & Counting

Learn numbers from 1 to 20.
Count colorful illustrations.
Bonus pages dedicated to counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and 100’s. 

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Learning colors Kindle Book

Learning colors

A beautifully illustrated book about colors. Single color depicted on each page along with matching illustrations to show examples of the color. Learn the primary colors and also how to mix colors to create others.

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coming soon...

Stay tuned for a new exciting book.


We offer a wide variety of children's educational Kindle ebooks. The early learning educational kids books for infants and toddlers cover topics such as the alphabet, ABC, shapes, animals, colors, numbers, counting and much more. Fun and colorful story books that include bedtime stories, nursery rhymes, growing up and facts of life.


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